José Borghi has worked hard, for his success.

José Borghi is the creator of Mullen Lowe, a commercial advertising firm, in Brazil. The venture was previously known as, Borghi Lowe. The group is known to be in the midst of the most influential and outstanding advertising agencies, so far, in Brazil. José Borghi is the mastermind who produced the tremendously stylish, advertising promotion in Brazil, that prominently featured kids, who danced and sang songs, while dressed up, as a variety of stuffed animals.

José Borghi’s exceedingly profitable career in the advertising sector, began with various misgivings and several obstacles for him to overcome. During his stint in middle school, José experienced a sense of misgiving, relating to, which career he ought to embark on. These misgivings, vanished, when José’s sister, requested that he attend a display of videos, at the Castro Neves Theater. The presentation showcased a variety, of the most successful advertising commercials in Brazil. All of the presented videos, had been awarded with the esteemed Lion Award, from Cannes. While screening the videos, José was intensely stimulated and wanted to acquire a Lion Award, himself. This longing, led José to follow a career path of promotional advertising, as his craft.

José labored diligently, to fruitfully study at the well-regarded PCU, in Sao Paulo State. When José graduated, he took up employment, at the famous enterprise, Standart Ogilvy. José made the effort to work at many advertising groups in Brazil. Some of these, included FCB, Leo Burnett and DM9/DDB, before he finally established his own advertising group. José and Erh Ray together, founded the agency, BorghiErh.

The renowned accomplishments of their advertising group, soon garnered the focus of the Brazilian marketing firm, Lowe. They soon, merged together, to develop into Mullen Lowe, this, after Lowe fused, with the Mullen Group. for more.

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