Fit And Fashionable With Fabletics

It is fashionable to turn to sport nowadays. In fact, it is more fashionable than ever to practice some physical activity. Millions of women have joined not only the habit of going to gyms to keep fit but also sports like running or athleisure, which is walking or keeping active all day in “sportswear,” but dressed in the brand.


And this brand makes a difference in the outfit and the results of luxury multinationals. This is not a small business or a niche audience anymore. The global market will grow 178 billion dollars until 2019, according to Trefis. In 2013, the sale of women’s sportswear reached 11 billion dollars 9% more of the previous year. And the trend will continue to gain strength, with celebrities and public figures adding their brands and marketing the products.


Major luxury brands are relaunching their fitness business units aimed especially at women. With new designs for products that are exclusively female. Actress Kate Hudson has also entered this market with a sports line called Fabletics where she aims to combine sport with good taste and comfortable earth-friendly clothing.


What Makes It So Special?


Fabletics is not only a “trendy” brand, but it is also wearable and does not compromise quality with low prices. On top, their membership and VIP marketing strategies have resulted in being brilliant.


According to some reviews by customers, the clothes are not only pretty but practical. Also, they believe that the service they get from the membership is really personalized and tend to their individual tastes and needs, which is exactly what distinguishes Fabletics from other brands.


When it comes to Customer satisfaction, there is no on like Fabletics. With extended benefits for community members and “VIP” members, high-profile training from major fitness studios like Physique 57, Body by Simone and The Fitting Room will be available for free on the website. The videos can be accessed by members, which are people who have purchased at least one set of articles from the brand, and want to get monthly membership benefits.


So Much More For A Brand


So much is moving online an important and great first step in making life fit something that was easy and affordable for the Fabletics community. Other benefits that are soon to come in the website are retreats (fit-cations) for wellness and other products merchandise and partnering as day spa experiences, massages, and juices brands.


With a vision of the future, Fabletics will keep on growing to be an online fit community and not simply a clothing brand. With an endless number of brands and Athleisure products on the market, Fabletics is striving to stay on top of the game for the present and future marketing strategies that will bring more to the table.

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