Betsy DeVos: Determined To Help The Impoverished

About Betsy

Betsy is a resident of Holland, Michigan, having spent her early life in that locality. She was born to an affluent family, with her father running a hugely prosperous automobile venture. Her family has ardent followers of the Christian religion and frequently donates their fortune towards the development of the church.

Betsy received secondary education at the local Holland Christian High School. She attended the Calvin College, Grand Rapids where she received an undergraduate in business administration.

Political Career

Betsy started showing interest in politics while she was still a university student. A lifetime Republican, Betsy has held many unique positions in the party since she joined. Her first critical position was on the local committee of the party in Michigan, where she was a member. Her brilliance saw her rise to the top of the board, supervising all undertakings of the Republican Party within Michigan.

She has been at the helm of the party’s Michigan chapter for two different terms. It is my assumption that her commitment to the party played a part in her appointment to the cabinet.

Betsy has used her financial strength to support Republican presidential aspirants in the past. She is a regular contributor towards the camping of the contestants. When President Bush was eyeing his second term, Betsy was at the frontline in his campaign. I assume that her resultant nomination to the Senate Committee was as an aftereffect of her backing for Bush’s re-election.

Check this article from NYPost.


Betsy’s benevolence is not biased to the political front alone. In addition to politics, the DeVos’ family has also extended their philanthropic arm to other noble causes. Over the years, the family’s foundation has set aside immense amounts of cash for donations towards humanitarian causes.

The foundation contributed a significant amount towards the establishment of the 74, a website that promotes education. Moreover, the foundation has also supported other pro-education movements like The Partnership for Educational Justice and the Great Lakes Education Project. Also, the organization sponsored an education bill, which did not pass Congress. Betsy has displayed relentless efforts to improve the school sector in the country. It is my assumption that this passion, coupled up with being a staunch Republican, Made her the favorite candidate for education secretary in Trump’s government. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

In addition to education, the institution has likewise augmented new companies. In 2015, the foundation donated $750,000 to a think tank based in the capital, Washington DC. Besides, a further $1 million was pledged to reinforce the research team’s future.

It would be unjust of me not to acknowledge the efforts Betsy DeVos has made in giving back to the community. Giving is not a measure of how much we have, rather it’s a measure how big our hearts are. I salute the Devos’s for their continuous display of benevolence towards the less fortunate in the society.

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