George Soros Open Society Foundations Help Women In Indonesia

It absolutely breaks my heart to hear anybody talk bad about George Soros. The 86-year-old philanthropist is a self-made man that pulled himself up by the bootstraps after being a refugee from World War II. The man put himself through college with low-paying jobs and a meager scholarship from a Quaker religious group. He then transformed that education into actionable intelligence on the British stock market. He gained worldwide fame when he pulled in over $1 billion in a single day on the British stock market by shorting the British pound. He then grew that wealth to become the 19th wealthiest person on planet earth, according to Forbes magazine.

George Soros could’ve done plenty of different things with this money. But it seems that the Jewish refugee of World War II is intent on using this money for good. He founded the Open Society Foundations, a worldwide network of nonprofit organizations that push for government transparency, equality and democracy. Learn more about George at

Here is just an example of one of the nonprofit organization’s actions. His Open Society Foundations traveled to Indonesia in order to help women who use drugs. Indonesia is rife with poverty, and poverty often leads to drug use and depression. Women are also a suppressed population within the Indonesian borders. Indonesia is heavily Muslim and many of its islands enforce sharia law.

The Open Society Foundations work with the Indonesian government in order to ease these draconian laws while advocating for the women who use drugs. In the end, the nonprofit organization sees drug use as a disease and as a symptom of a society that suppresses women.

Somehow, though, on the other side of the world, conservative pundits in the United States attack George Soros. They claim the man is funding protests against the current authoritarian administration of Donald Trump. It is true that George Soros uses his billions of dollars to fund nonprofit organizations around the world, but he is not pulling the strings. He simply gives groups that he agrees with on social, economic and governmental terms the means to carry out their advocacy. He does it in Indonesia for women who use drugs, and he does it in the United States for groups who advocate for equal rights.

It seems that anybody bashing George Soros is more interested in seeing their conservative politicians win elections than the betterment of man. We would all be better off if we exulted George Soros rather than put him down because he is actually a billionaire that we can all look up to.

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  1. A standout amongst the most frightening things that ladies in Indonesia who utilize drugs must explore is Indonesia’s correctional medication laws. Anyone found utilizing medications or managing drugs is frequently issued capital punishment. That is also easy to pin-point and it makes sense that aussie writers would have much work for them.

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