The Money Market Fund And Bruce Bent II

Money market funds provide individuals with a new way to manage thier cash. Instead of investing in bonds, or certificates of deposit, an individual or business can chose to keep their money in a money market fund. The funds are highly liquid; there are no fees or penalties for removing money from a money market fund. In this way, they can be an excellent alternative to a traditional bank account for storing and saving your cash. Money market funds invest your money in a low-list, often low-yield situation. Money markets were first founded in 1971.

Bent II is an expert financial investor who knows a great deal about money market funds. Bruce R. Bent II grew up in New York. After college, he went to work and began to soak in information about finances, stocks, investments, and economic trends. He has helped many business with qualifed plans and innovative solutions to financial issues.

Today, there are different money market funds to choose from, and each has its own unique pros and cons.

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