Kim Dao Visits With Bambigirl

Kim Dao met with Bambigirl, who she originally befriended in 2015 during beauty week. Bambigirl, visiting Japan, checked into the hotel while Kim Dao sat in the lobby playing her Pokemon game on her cell phone. Kim Dao’s friend Toph joined them for lunch. Kim Dao ate some breaded chicken strips, some Miso soup, a side of rice, and cabbage. Bambigirl had some okra cake, breaded chicken slices, and cabbage. After lunch, Kim Dao and her friend took the train to Roppongi, Japan.Learn more :


Kim Dao and Bambigirl did some filming in a YouTube space. According to Kim Dao, it was disastrous. She did not realize that her camera was set at a very high setting and only recorded five minutes of footage. Bambigirl didn’t do very well in her filming and planned to redo the filming at home. Kim Dao planned refilm some of her bits at home, also. Kim Dao and her friend went shopping at Shibuya. Kim Dao mentioned that she needed more charmanders, dinosaur-like Pokemons, for her Pokemon game; she already had 85 charmanders and 60 charmanders candies.Learn more :


Bambigirl wasn’t able to have dinner with Kim Dao because she had a ticket to attend a baseball game. The shopping spree was cancelled, and Kim Dao went sightseeing with Toph. Toph and Kim Dao stopped off at a McDonalds for dinner where she got Chicken McNugget, an egg burger, and a soft drink. At the end of the day, Toph and Kim Dao went their separate ways home.Learn more :


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