How Close is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics to Passing Amazon?

There are not many online clothing retailers that can even compare themselves to Amazon based on pure sales numbers. Amazon is pulling in over 20 percent of the sales in which there are thousands of competitors, so that really does speak to the size of the domination of this one retail giant. That being said, it looks like Kate Hudson’s Fabletics doesn’t fear the giant like other retailers, in fact, this little clothing retailer has pulled in a very impressive $250 million in sales in only three years. Can these sales numbers sustain however?


Talking to Hudson about her sales numbers, she credits the growth of her company to her membership model and the sales process known as reverse showrooming. To understand how these two work together, let’s take a look at what is happening inside the Fabletics stores at the local malls. These stores are full of women who are tying on all the new active-wear pieces, the latest in workout apparel, and even taking part in filling out the Lifestyle Quiz. This has the feel of a shopping experience that really appeals to women, and the sales are climbing year to year to back those associations.


The magic doesn’t occur at the stores in the mall, the majority of the sales are recorded online. In direct competition with Amazon, this athleisure brand has a secret weapon that Amazon can not compete with. Now because these women has already been trying on the clothing at the local mall store, they know exactly how these pieces look and feel. That means when they decide to go to the e-commerce store when they have time to relax, they can sit back and simply load up that online shopping cart with as many pieces of workout apparel they like without worry about it fitting. Unlike Amazon where you buy a piece and hope it fits or you return it, the guesswork is eliminated at Hudson’s Fabletics.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics also rewards customers with free shipping for any online order, discounted merchandise pricing, and the assistance of a personal shopper. The shopper looks at quiz results and prior spending patterns to offer you one item to consider the first of each month. This pampering seems to have really struck a chord with female shoppers who want to spend money on quality and variety, but just have not up to know had any company bending over to service them like Kate Hudson’s Fabletics.

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