Osteo Relief Institute Passes Along Its Best Practices for Osteoarthritis Relief

As arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the country, Osteo Relief Institute has outlined three points it trusts will deliver the most relief.


Osteo Relief Institute reveals the most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, in a story found at


Osteoarthritis is brought about by the breakdown of the soft tissue located between the joints.


According to Osteo Relief Institute, factors that may put a person at peril for getting the disease take in age, excess weight, heredity and prior injury.

Dr. Matthew CiRullo, Family Medicine at the Osteo Relief Institute, explained in the story that ultimately joints lose strength and pain may become persistent (Manta). He also mentioned that while there is no way to cure osteoarthritis, there are many remedies for dealing with joint pain.


The remedies consist of adjusting your daily routine to include gentle exercise and stretching right before bed as this will lessen stiffness when you start your day.


Additional remedies take in fine-tuning your position frequently when working or watching television and avoid repetitive movement which can bring about additional pain. Managing your weight and stop smoking are also recommended as they can initiate tissue damage or add strain to injured joints.


The second best practice Osteo Relief Institute advocates is exercise as physical activity is important for dealing with the pain and the loss of moving freely and easily. Low-impact aerobic exercise that includes walking and water exercise are recommended while activities such as running or jumping should be kept away from.


The third and final best practice revolves around medical choices which include medication, talking with a qualified physical therapist about what path is best for you and surgical options if necessary.


Dr. CiRullo emphasized even when diagnosed with degenerative arthritis, by exploring the right medical care choices, patients can benefit from an exceptional life.


Located in Wall Township, Osteo Relief Institute provides Monmouth County, New Jersey and surrounding areas with no charge introductory screenings.


The Institute comprises a group of board certified physicians and physical therapists

that utilize advanced technology to assist patients in finding pain relief solutions that work best for them.

More about Osteo Relief Institute at : https://www.osteoreliefinstitute.com/about/

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