New Securus Software Making Prisons Safer

Prison has its own social code. One of the worst things you can do inside of a prison is become a rat. Rats are individuals who tell on other inmates when they are doing wrong. Testimony from a “rat” can put another prisoner in jail for quite a long period of time. That is why prisoners treat rats very poorly by responding with violence and even murder.


Unfortunately, there are times when a prisoner should tell on his peers. These are instances when an inmate or prison guard could be hurt without knowing this information. But prisoners are very unlikely to come forward with this information due to fear of being a rat.


But a new software innovation from Securus Technologies may make rats obsolete. Securus Technologies is a telecommunications company that innovates technologies for the criminal justice system. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, are accredited by the BBB and Securus runs the biggest customer service call center in the prison telecommunications industry.


Securus becomes the only provider of telephone and other telecommunications services to a corrective facility through government contracts. Once the government contract is secure, Securus records every single telephone call involving that particular facility. The software helps them comb through this database of recorded telephone calls.


The software can identify one individual’s voice. It does this by examining a small recording of that individual. Family members can then alert law enforcement to listen in on particular phone calls that may give them vital information. This information can literally save lives while the prisoner himself avoids being a rat.


This software innovation makes life in prison safer in two ways. First, the prisoner does not have to expose himself to the social judgment of being a rat. Two, law enforcement still gets the needed information.


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