Ushering In A New Generation For Jackson Family Wines

Jackson Family Wine has had a well regarded and respected name in the wine industry for quite some time now. Like any business though, being able to remain relevant in the generations to come can sometimes be a tough obstacle to overcome. However, Julia Jackson, born in 1988, has already been hard at work insuring that happens. Young, beautiful, and determined, Julia has been attending many Hollywood elite parties. This outgoing personality of hers coupled with her business certificate she obtained at Stanford’s School of Business has made her a force to be reckon with. Although well equipped with sharp intellect, power, and money Julia Jackson would argue that true power lies in one’s ability to embrace sensitivity and explore emotional intelligence. The ability to empathize is not a sign of weakness to her. In 2014 Julia Jackson founded “Cambria Seeds of Empowerment” this program awards $100,000 annually in cash grants to nonprofit organizations that embrace the program’s pillars of equality, community, and spirit. With all the above stated skill sets Julia possess, her ability to grade wine is unrivaled. Sonoma’s Vérité is the wine Julia would say is the absolute best wine in Sonoma. Not a coincidence that this wine’s three annual releases constantly receive a score of 100 from Robert Parker Himself. So when you are out shopping at your local supermarkets keep an eye out for some of Jackson Family Wines, such as Arrowhead, Carmel Road, Byron, or Mt. Brave. Deciding on what wine to take home after a long day at work can be a stressful task in and of itself sometimes. If you grab a brand that Julia Jackson and her family has taken the time and care to nurture though, then this will make relaxing after work, that much more relaxing.

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