Todd Lubar Provides Relief to Innovative Startups & Non-Purpose Borrowers

Todd Lubar is a successful entrepreneur and mortgage banking specialist based in Maryland. At present, he is serving as the President of TDL Global Ventures. He has previously worked in the mortgage industry as an investment advisor. He has interests in real estate, venture and non-purpose capital as well as mortgage banking.

Todd Lubar attended Syracuse University where he graduated with a degree in Speech Communication. He initially worked for Crestar Mortgage Corporation, a mortgage lender, until 1999. He then worked for Legacy Financial Group, a financial planning and investment firm based in Texas. He is associated with the expansion of the business to realize a significant increase in loan volumes. He then moved to Charter Funding where he worked as a Senior Vice President.

Todd has ventured into diverse investments in the construction industry, entertainment and recycling. Todd Lubar is passionate about enabling young entrepreneurs and those in need. He is committed to providing relief to customers facing challenges with financing. Todd Lubar believes in go-getters. He is adept at identifying profitable projects that protect his investment. He recommends being resilient and ready to exploit new opportunities.

Todd Lubar was able to understand the mortgage industry from an early stage. He honed his business skills and established long-term relationships with various stakeholders such as customers, investment managers, insurance and real estate agents. This has enabled him to grow his business by leveraging the referrals and business networking.

Todd Lubar shared on Patreon that he is excited about the use of technology in the housing sector. Advances in technology have enabled the invention of property search engines that connect sellers with matching buyers. He suggests finding a work-life balance that fosters creative growth. In addition, you should strive to understand every aspect of your business to make the best decisions.

Todd Lubar derives pleasure from empowering startups to achieve success. He posits there will always be innovative startups being launched especially in the technology space. This makes a case for the discerning venture capitalist and firms such as TDL Global Ventures to be available to support such projects.

Todd Lubar is excited about the tremendous innovation on the startup scene. He believes in working smart and delivering the best to your clients and the companies you collaborate with.



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