Securus Technologies Cares

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a technology company that deals mainly with prison communications. It is based out of Dallas Texas and was founded in 1986. The company employs over a thousand people and has contracts with numerous correctional facilities throughout the United States and Canada. This makes the company one of the largest providers of communication for the prison population. I also do kiroli tracking and Management Solutions for government information.


Securus Technologies is known to be very fair in fees and savings so inmates are happy to use their system. They are the only provider offering limitless minutes and no long-distance fees. The offer savings of up to 80% and there are no permanent charges. This is a welcome change from some other companies that don’t offer as many benefits to inmates.


When someone has a loved one that is in a correctional facility it is difficult enough on the family. They should be able to have a reliable and reasonably priced communication system through which to contact their loved ones as needed as well as anyone else in the world. Luckily Securus Technologies offers correctional inmates and their family opportunity at a much-needed time in their lives.


In a recent article Securus Technologies discusses the benefits and the future of inmate communications. The company is leading the vanguard in benefits for inmates via communication with friends and family as well as communication with the rest of the world. The company says that they will move forward with reduced pricing as well as more products for inmates. They also will have an easier range of usage for all their products.


Securus Technologies also announced that video calling would be more readily available as well as smart device and tablet usage. Securus states that in the future they are anticipating that inmates can either use Securus technology devices or even the inmates own devices.


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  1. Thanks to Securus Technologies and the services they render to both inmates and their loved ones, communication from within prison is affordable and more personal. Securus Technologies also offer video calls all at a very reduced rate. As aussie writer correctly points out Securus services have helped many maintain reasonable contact with their incarcerated loved ones.

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