AIA and Robert Ivy Focus On Developing A Better Society

Architects hold the society into a safe space. An architect is one of the most trusted people to deliver safety standards in a building. The specialization of an architect allows community development in various aspects. From designing buildings to investing in safe layouts and infrastructures, architects depend on the support of advanced resources to offer better services. Like any other career, architects have unions and organizations to support their works. AIA is one organization that has done well in establishing a strong platform for architects. The organization operates on the objective of developing safe, reliable designs for users.

Leadership Roles

AIA is headed by the experienced Robert Ivy. He has been a long term board member and CEO of this institution. Being a registered architect, Ivy understands the ropes of planning to completion. As a leader, he has been working for AIA as an advocate and a mentor. Under his guidance, AIA has landed many leading projects that set it aside as a leading institution in offering architectural services. AIA is focused on handling ambitious projects that offer architects exciting opportunities. Robert Ivy has developed this institution in many respects. AIA now concentrates on projects that are focused on repositioning the field of architectures.


Ivy owes his experience to extensive knowledge. He is an alumnus of Sewanee University. He also went to Tulane University for masters in architecture. His career started when he worked for the architectural record as an editor in 1996. Ivy was helpful in releasing most journals in the organization. He also landed a huge role as the vice president at McGraw Hill, a construction company.


While working as an editor for the firm, Ivy bagged several awards as recognition. He was honored for his editorial works by National Magazine Award. He received the journalism award because of his tremendous input in the company. In 2009, he was honored by the Crain Award. This is the world’s highest award for an individual in American Business Media. As if that was not enough, Ivy bagged an additional award dubbed Management Excellence. This was positive recognition for his input as a manager. From those awards, it is evident that Ivy has a positive track record of performance. His input to the building fraternity cannot be matched. Ivy focuses on key areas of advocacy and betterment. His voice in the industry cannot be ignored.He is a leader with significant, developmental focus. Visit Robert Ivy at Twitter.

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