The Great Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin was delivered in January 21st in 1876 in the informal settlements of Liverpool. Jim had parents who had Irish descent. He was not endowed with advanced education but rather he undertook various manual, menial jobs in order to eke a living. He was blessed to become a foreman at the docks at Liverpool.

He advocated for workers earning a fair pay for their services. He was a socialist adherent and hence did join the National Union of Dock Laborers where he assumed a full-time trade unionist role by the year 1905.

His fiery and striking rhetoric made the NUDL shift him to Dublin. NUDL detested and protested his demeanor. He soon established the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union which was geared towards championing the rights of the workers.

Jim Larkin wanted that all the workers regardless of the depth of their expertise to have an umbrella organ or union that was to present their grievances so that they could have the bargaining power.

Jim Larkin ratified the political agenda of the ITGWU. There was to be a legally defined eight hours’ time of working, work to be provided to all, and a mandatory pension to all the workers above the age bracket of sixty years. There were to be obligatory courts for arbitration, adult suffrage, canals, railways and means of transport to be nationalized. The Irish were the only people who were entitled to own their land.

Jim Larkin collaborated with James Connolly to establish the Irish Labor Party which conducted serial strikes which culminated in the disastrous Dublin Lockout in 1913.

The unskilled workers within Dublin were marginalized in their access to rights. His diplomacy was unsurpassed as he only used boycotts and sympathetic overtures to arrest the situation.

James Larkin moved to America where he became a member of the Industrial Workers of the World and the Socialist Party of America.

He emerged as the chief trade Unionist in history who fought for the course of the oppressed. He was incriminated by the state and later repatriated to Ireland where he passed on in 1947.

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