Securus Introduces New Technology

You should be able to lean on the company you’ve decided to become a part of when it comes to inmate calls. Securus Technologies has always been a popular customer network. They provide reasonable services according to their customers needs. Visit their descriptive tabs and choose your desired features. Their customers have been able to leave their comments on their forum and tell others what they think about their network. More importantly, sharing the services they would recommend to their friends and family. When asked, their customers say, it’s important to stay connected to their love ones and save money in the process.


Preferred Securus Technology


Securus has come a long way since getting their start as an inmate regulating provider. They now offer their customers a complete platform of inmate services. Many of their features are used monthly. For example, their visiting application has over 1 million dollars. You can get an online photo option and send one to up to 5 photos. They can see what their child is doing or get a picture to show the progress of their property over the internet. Once the facility approves the message an inmate can retrieve it at any time.


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