Securus Technologies is skilled at protecting hostile people

It seems that the age of the for-profit business is beginning to wane and the age of social entrepreneurship is growing. A social entrepreneurship is not the same as a nonprofit organization. A social entrepreneurship company does make a profit, however, they use an actual product that makes that happen. The difference is, the product they provide actually meets a humanitarian need that exists in the world.


Securus Technologies is a company that could be labeled as a social entrepreneurship. Securus Technologies has been in existence since 1986 and now has company headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Allen, Texas, Carrollton, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.


Customers rave about Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is known for creating products that are used in correctional facilities that shut down contraband cell phones. Many people do not know this, but inmate on inmate crime is the leading cause of inmate death within America’s correctional facility system. Contraband cell phones are used to plan these attacks from inmate to inmate. Securus Technologies understood that if they can end contraband cell phones they would be able to increase safety for inmates.


They were able to stop these contraband cell phones with three products. One customer said that Cell Defender was her favorite product. Cell defender has the capabilities of searching the entire correctional facility and finding a contraband cell phone whether or not it’s turned off. Once this occurs, it is able to hack into the phone to listen to any current calls, save voicemails, and it can intercept text messages.


Another customer, who was a warden, said that this alone has increased the security at his correctional facility by 200%. He said his favorite part about it is being able to see an attack being planned in advance and stopping it before it could happen.


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