Contribution of the Larkin & Lacey in the Fight Against Discrimination

Lacey and Larkin are the guys who conceptualize the idea of Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The primary intention of the formation of the organization was to address the matter of oppression in the society. The critical issues that were to be looked at were the democracy and the human rights which had been violated in several parts of the United States.

The group was to address the issue using different approaches which include the provision of the financial support of the other organizations that were pushing for the same agenda in the society. The people who had become victims of the oppression in the community were mainly the immigrants.

Their rights were being violated, and they had no avenues of airing their grievances. Lacey and Larkin being concerned with the matters decided to bring transformation through the foundation and the programs that were being carried out by the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The organization also pushed for the cohesion of the different parties which were fighting for the human rights in the community.

The body further extended their hand by providing advice to varying groups regarding the best management practices Lacey and Larkin excel in the field in the sense that they were well conversant with the issues of human rights. The priority that had been put forward by the organization was to bring to an end the challenges and the discrimination of the immigrants that had marred the city of Arizona.

The pragmatic skills of the two made the organization’s mission achieved within the right time set limits. The measures that had been put in place were mainly combative to the opposing institutions that were behind the oppression practices. The society was then defined by the high awareness later after various programs across different states in the United States.

The effort and the time that Lacey and Larkin invested in the society was lauded in various parts of the world. It created a chance for the rights of the immigrants that had been denied from different countries in the United States. Lacey and Larkin had been arrested after the publication of the information that about the grand jury that created a lot of concern on the side of the public.

The primary reason behind their move was to set to the public the hidden issues that were taking place. The finally won the case and amount worth $3.75 million paid to them as compensation.

Like real people who were unease about the evil practices in the society, they made a step to invest the money in creating the sanity and bring equality to all people. They funded several groups that were against the discrimination of the human rights to boost their programs in the field. The other remaining part of the amount was invested in the campaign that was calling for the freedom of speech.

Trans Queer Pueblo is a group that was set up to fight for the people in the society of the matters that are related to the oppression. The concept of the team was to elevate the integrity of the community.

Si Se Puede Foundation also is among the foundations that were against the discrimination in the society. The reason for formation by Alberto Esparza was to bring unity through help offer to the community.

Lacey and Larkin have invested a lot in creating the equality in the society through the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

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