Securus Technologies: The Competition to Beat

Getting ahead in technology can mean taking many risks. A company that has shown it’s not afraid to take these risks; and, has benefitted from them repeatedly, is Securus Technologies. The company has used technology to get ahead, and most recently has welcomed GovPayNet to the family. GovPayNet has over 20 years of experience in payment processing for various governmental agencies. Things like cash bail payments, child support payments, court fees, and probation payments are just a sampling of the services provided. Securus Technologies specializes in connecting inmates with their friends and family members. Over the years, the company has worked hard to make pricing affordable. Recently, new calling plans and alternatives like email; have given inmates and their families a new way to keep in touch, easily.


JPay is another company that’s excited to be working with Securus and GovPayNet. The company is known for funding of inmate accounts and money wiring services. More recently, JPay has been involved in selling tablet computers to inmates. This gives inmates a way to sharpen their educational and work-related skills, before being released. Wireless containment systems are a huge project all three companies are working on. This technology works to prevent contraband cellular devices from being used within the facilities. Bringing much-needed safety both inside and out of the facilities; the project is anticipated to give Securus Technologies a serious competitive edge in the business, with this cutting-edge innovation.


While Securus brings many benefits to the playing field, it hasn’t forgotten to treat its customers well. Earning a Better Business Bureau rating of “A+” gives the company much ethical credibility. The company has also scored very high in customer satisfaction; 95 percent of customers have reported that they’re satisfied with the service they’ve received, and the services offered. Taking on a huge challenge, Securus Technologies remains at the top of their game, and a serious competitor in the business.


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