Samuel Strauch, A Miami Real Estate Investor, Yet So Much More

Samuel Strauch is a forward thinker in real estate. He is the founder and principal of Metrik Holdings. Metrik Holdings is a successful real estate firm located in Miami. Samuel Strauch and his team with real estate deals in both Latin America and in the Miami area.

Samuel Strauch is successful in part from the excellent education he got from Hofstra University. At Hofstra, he worked hard and received a Bachelor’s of Business Administration. Samuel also went to Erasmus University in Rotterdam. At Erasmus, he studied international finance and international marketing. Samuel Strauch also received an Executive education in Real Estate and Capital markets from Harvard University.

Samuel Strauch “knew he could be successful in this sector” when asked about starting his own business in Miami. He is referring to his international relations with Latin America.

Samuel Strauch works on acquisitions, equity sourcing, and development. Samuel and his team at Metrik continue to grow and gain success in the real estate game.

Samuel Strauch not only is good at real estate, but he loves art, the internet, food, and especially photography. He is a very well rounded individual and thrives continually finding new visions and future growth.

Samuel has worked hard for over fifteen years in the real estate business. He continues to think outside the box to for developing space in communities. He is a one of a kind businessman. He is someone to trust in transactions and someone to watch as his business grows every day.

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