Improved Video Chatting with Talk Fusion

The ability to communicate effectively is an especially important one when you are not talking face to face. Talk Fusion, an award winning communications company, offers several new and advanced ways to communicate at a distance with friends, family, and even companies and coworkers. Their newest updated Video Chat has been enhanced to accommodate users across different digital devices.


Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page prides himself and the company on their innovations in communicating, saying that oftentimes companies worry about creating a uniform experience for everyone. Talk Fusion is aiming to do exactly the opposite. CEO Bob Reina agrees with him, saying that this Video Chat platform is one that adapts to everyone using it. He also goes on to say that it will eliminate the need for multiple applications for video and audio communication across devices, because it integrates them all together beautifully into one product.


This is not the first time that Talk Fusion has come out on top with an impressive product or update, as they have won awards for modernizing the way that people communicate for the last decade. In 2007 the only product that the company had release was Video Email; a multifaceted and dynamic tool that allowed users to communicate quickly, and in many different languages. It also came with an easily understandable interface, and accounts could be created for personal, business, and charity usage.


The company upped their email interface by adding ‘Video Suite.’ This application had all of the perks provided by Video Email, except it also included a place for account holders to create and release a newsletter. ‘Video Newsletter‘ was one of the first platforms to allow inventive color schemes and fonts, as well as photograph adding capabilities. This lead to a more individual experience for everyone using the products available.


With the success of Video Email and the advantages of the Video Suite, Talk Fusion launched into ‘Live Meetings.’ This was one of the first places that business owners could hold digital meetings, complete with PowerPoint presentations and live chat, to include up to five hundred people within the business.


Video Chat’s new updates are the most inventive that the company has released yet, allowing users with any kind of video recording device to communicate together. In 2016, Talk Fusion even won the Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award for all of their hard work on Video Chat.

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