Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey dropped out of Arizona St. University to write for a campus paper that began following the killings at Kent State in 1970. Jim Larkin was the CEO and Michael Lacey, the executive director. They began the paper to cover antiwar protests by students that the local media were hesitant about covering. They grew their business through exploration of various political and social aspects in circulation. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

This helped them gain prominence among the growing roster of the nations for alternative newspapers. They commenced an expansion when they purchased Denver’s arts and news, Westworld in 1983. The purchase embraced conglomeration of a total of 17 similar papers from the coast, LA, Miami and the oldest of all from New York, Village Voice.

Larkin and Lacey were on 18, October 2007 arrested due to a revelation in their New Times that subpoenas of the grand jury targeted their paper’s writers, readers and editors. The arrest had been issued by Joe Apraio the then sheriff at Maricopa County.

An outcry for their arrests arose having them released in less than 24 hours because the arrest was illegal. This was one of the many outrageous arrests among other wrong deeds he had issued in his time as the sheriff. He was the sheriff for 24 years after consecutively winning the elections six times before losing his 7th reelection bid in 2016.

Maricopa County was ordered to pay Larkin and Lacey $3.75 as a lawsuit settlement with Apraio. They used the money to start the Frontera Fund, ‘Larkin and Lacey. The fund gives grants of rights to migrant organizations throughout Arizona. The organization supports groups that support Latinos rights non-profitably.

Apraio was a criminal by contempt in July 2007 has been controversial in his service years. He had declared himself as the toughest sheriff in America. He had seen through the harsh harassments of Latinos in the Country. He at some point ordered that the Latinos be investigated to determine if their stay was legal. Those found illegal was deported.  Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

This resulted in Melendres Apraio class that would result in his criminal conviction. He continued violating the civil rights of the immigrants. For instance, he profiled and harassed so many Latino drivers which prompted the Court Judge of US District, Murray G. Snow to issue him and his Maricopa County Office an injunction preliminarily. Apraio with office his team did not take the injunction seriously. In mid-2013, the judge ruled that they were engaging racial profiling which was a crime.

Joe Apraio continued with severe violations of civic rights and was arrested in 2007. As revealed in the New Times, he had a tent city to address overcrowding in jails. Things that underwent in this tent were heartbreaking.

Inmates were badly beaten, many unclear deaths, expectant mothers were tied onto their beds as they gave birth and patients were denied medication. Apraio had been in jail for ten years until Donald Trump pardoned him weeks before his sentence was passed.

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