US Money Reserve Says You Can Increase Your Tax Savings With IRA Contributions

If you’re getting ready to file your taxes but dreading what your bill will look like, then you should take the advice of US Money Reserve and make contributions to your IRA that could reduce the amount you owe.

They say you should make sure your IRA is opened before the tax filing deadline of April 17th, and you can make your contributions for it count for the previous year’s taxes that your filing for.

You can also reduce the amount you’ll owe on taxes if you contribute the maximum amount allowed to the IRA which if you’re under 50 is $5,500, and if you’re 50 or older it’s $6,500.

If you have an IRA that you’ve setup for your spouse, contributing to that too can help reduce the tax burden.

But as US Money Reserve reminds readers, you should always consider buying gold and silver to add to your IRA. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Physically owning gold and silver will not only help diversify your IRA; they can actually provide a hedge against losses that could be suffered during a financial crash or economic setback.

All paper money and regular investment accounts are subject to a variety of threats, some of which do come in the form of cyber war and information theft which can wipe out account and cost banks millions or billions worth of damages.

Others could be the results of the Fed raising or lowering interest rates, or tariffs and trade wars that shake the markets.

But gold and silver are two commodities that remain solid during volatile times and are the most recommended to own during unstable times.

US Reserve has maintained a reputation as one of the most trusted precious metals dealers, and along with precious metal bullion they also have certified coins whose value is even more stable over the long-term.

Their website contains one of the most extensive precious metals catalogs and provides more information on how customers can find the coins or other bullion that’s right for them.

One reason US Reserve has built its reputation to the level it has is because they are led by Philip N. Diehl, a man whose had more than 30 years in accounting and finance and previously served as US Mint Director for former President Bill Clinton.

Diehl welcomes new customers to US Money Reserve through a greeting in the free information kit they receive when they signup, and you can signup by visiting the website at

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