Ironman Winner Heather Jackson Uses Herbalife to Supplement her Nutrition.

In 1980, Mark Hughes founded Herbalife. Mark Hughes was a mere 17-year-old when his mother passed away from an eating disorder and binging diet pills. In order to cope with his grief, Hughes sought to find healthier ways for people to lose weight without compensating for their health in the process. Herbalife sells personal care products, vitamins, snacks, drink mixes, and more.


In the beginning, Mark Hughes sold his weight loss method from the trunk of his car as he drove around the area trying to get people interested. It must have worked. Soon the company gained customers and distributors through party hosting demonstrations. By 1985, sales grew from $386,000 a year to $423 million annually. In 1986, Herbalife was rebranded Herbalife International. In 1988, Herbalife International welcomed Japan, Israel, Spain, New Zealand, and New Mexico. In 1991, worldwide sales totaled $191 million.


Many athletes, including cyclist Heather Jackson, endorse the Herbalife’s sports line, Herbalife 24. Jackson is a frequent visitor of Children’s Institute in Watts, Calif. While Jackson doesn’t promote Herbalife to the children, she will talk about the triathlons and the importance of good nutrition. Heather Jackson was born in Exeter, N.H. on April 24, 1984. A graduate of Princeton University, Ms. Jackson has been involved in the triathlon for over 10 years. Jackson is a track cyclist and plays ice hockey, She ran on foot and biked in the triathlon. She says that the body needs good nutrition if it is to perform well. It is possible to hit a plateau when in training. It takes good nutrition to find the energy and strength to push yourself and go beyond your limit. Herbal Life 24 products give Heather Jackson the edge that she needs. For eight years in a row, Jackson has won first, second, and third places in many Ironman tournaments. She does not know if she could have done it without Herbalife.

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