Stream Energy Cares

Stream Energy is an energy company based out of Texas who has stood themselves apart from their peers in their philanthropic endeavors. Stream Energy has stepped up to the plate time and time again to aid with relief efforts. During Hurricane Harvey, when the storm devastated Houston with a record-breaking 56 inches of rain, Stream was there to help.

Stream Energy has split into a separate entity that focuses solely on their philanthropic efforts: Stream Cares. Stream cares is a representation of the culture and DNA of the stream energy company. Based on community engagement and giving back in any possible way, Stream Cares is a manifestation of the values of Stream Energy.

The Stream business model revolves around engaging with the community and generating as much revenue as possible and in turn, putting their earnings back into their philanthropic efforts. This is a revolutionary new business model; splitting their company to have a whole separate branch just in the spirit of helping others. This makes Stream a trailblazer in its industry and a shining example for other corporate agencies trying to do well by their community.

Hurricane Harvey isn’t the only place that Stream helped. One of the issues that Stream has taken a vested interest in is the homeless problem in Texas. They focus on not only helping donate money and financial aid to homeless members of the community but also target homeless youth by helping with things like school supplies and hygiene products.

As a company, they not only donate their treasure but also their time. Stream members spend time with local community veterans and make sure to help the people they serve face to face.

Overall, Stream Energy and Stream Cares have revolutionized corporate philanthropy and their efforts to help give back to their community have not gone unnoticed.

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