Todd Lubar Discusses His Career and Reason for Interest in Baltimore Real Estate

In a recent article the GC Report, Todd Lubar discussed his decades long career in the real estate industry and how this career has helped him to impact the Baltimore area in extremely positive and consistent ways. Lubar has become known for his dedication to the development and expansion of Baltimore real estate, and has shown his commitment to the industry by assisting Baltimore’s residents in the pursuit of home ownership in less than ideal circumstances. Lubar stated that his passion to see the revitalization of his native city stems from his experiences in 30 years of the real estate business during which he witnessed a detrimental need for real estate expertise.

Todd Lubar began his adult education at Syracuse University as a speech communications major. At the beginning of his collegiate career, Lubar expected to finish his degree and become a public communications specialist. After developing the skills needed for this position, however, Lubar received a job offer from a Maryland real estate firm that changed the path of his career forever. After working several years at the real estate firm, Lubar began to develop an interest in serving the underprivileged community in Baltimore. It was during this time that the businessman decided to create projects and new services to help local citizens to become home and business owners.

According to Inspirery, following his exit from the first real estate firm he ever worked with, Todd Lubar made a transition to the Legacy real estate firm in Arlington, TX. As he worked to develop this firm, Lubar simultaneously worked to create his own firm in Baltimore. By the end of a five-year period, Todd Lubar was able to successfully transition from the leadership staff at Legacy to an executive position at TDL Global Ventures in Maryland. Lubar developed TDL Global Ventures with the purpose of serving customers in need. Todd Lubar has always understood the importance of home and business ownership and seeks to communicate this importance and strategies to help this goal become reality to individuals all over the Baltimore area. To date, Todd Lubar has helped more than 100 families purchase new homes.

Adam Goldenberg the Golden Boy of Business

When it comes to the highly competitive fashion industry, Mr. Adam Goldenberg would not ordinarily be the first name one would conjure up. However, Mr. Goldenberg’s remarkable career started at the very young age of just 15, when he founded his first major company called Gamers Alliance. This company was an advertising network of gaming sites for young enthusiasts. Three years later after having joined Intermix Media (parent company to MySpace and Alena), Adam sold Gamers Alliance to them in 1999, at the age of just 18. Mr. Goldenberg made a gamble of quitting High School and moving across the country to join Intermix and becoming Vice President of Strategic Planning. The gamble paid off because, by age 20, Mr. Goldenberg got promoted to Chief Operating Officer at Intermix, becoming the youngest COO of a publicly traded company.

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While working at Intermix, Mr. Goldenberg had the opportunity of befriending Mr. Don Ressler, who was an entrepreneur and brand building specialist. Mr. Ressler owned his own company, which he sold to Intermix in 2001. Don’s company had managed to generate over $1 billion dollars in sales and raised $100 million dollars in capital for various Internet Companies on Hence Mr. Goldenberg and Mr. Ressler would quickly become friends just at the time that Intermix got acquired by News Corporation in 2005. In 2006, Adam and Don decided to create an e-commerce brand called Intelligent Beauty.

After Adam and Don had established several prominent brands as health and beauty market leaders, the two began conceiving a new kind of personalized shopping experience in women’s fashion. Their idea was to merge social interaction with leading-edge fashion designs at reasonable prices! They endeavored to make their user experience fun, engaging and highly social in nature. Hence, the two gentlemen set about a major expansion process of Intelligent Beauty, to create a personalization platform consisting of styling consultants, and designers delivering outstanding and affordable products. The result of that vision was the formation of JustFab; an online business using technology to predict inventory demands and includes VIP memberships for super savings.

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