The Boraie Development Dream through its Founder

A recent article on Boraie Development that was published through Central Jersey Working Moms brought a lot of insight on Omar Boraie and the dreams that he harbored which many thought absolutely insane.

40 years ago, young Sam Boraie moved to New Brunswick with the hopes of attaining a Ph.D. in Chemistry. His sights quickly moved to the Real Estate sector. He wanted more for New Brunswick and envisioned a city that resembled the cities he had come across as a working scholar in Europe. He took the opportunity when it presented itself and began purchasing plots of land and neglected structures on Albany Street. His very first project was acquiring a rundown block of buildings, and by 1988, he opened a state of the art office building called Albany Street Plaza Tower One, which offered first class office space to the residents. He set up Albany Street Plaza Two in 2007 quickly followed by the One Spring condominium.

According to Patch, one of the most sought after apartments in New Brunswick is the Aspire Apartments that were set up by the Boraie Development LLC. For the affordable price of $1650, you get perks such as a breathtaking view of downtown New Brunswick, a doorman, high-speed internet and cable tv, state of the art heating system, close proximity to the train station among other features. Omar’s vision was one of luxury and Aspire caters to that.

What started as a dream has slowly become a reality, and Omar has many people to thank for supporting and believing in his vision. He is quick to acknowledge the role that Johnson and Johnson played back in 1975 by deciding to stay in New Brunswick. That move lit up Omar’s hope for the city. There have been many partnerships that have assisted in making New Brunswick what it is today. In the past decade alone, many people have supported the vision for a newer more sophisticated New Brunswick. Establishments such as The Heldrich Hotel and Conference Center, The State Theatre, two additional theatres and a few high-end restaurants have heavily assisted in giving New Brunswick the much-needed face-lift.

The future of New Brunswick is bright! Omar Boraie has plans underway to set up his next commercial site. He has his eyes set on targeting innovative tech and biological science firms who will benefit from the Rutgers proximity. Slowly but surely, New Brunswick is panning out to become an epicenter in New Jersey’s knowledge-based economy. You can search him on Yahoo to know more. Visit

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Tammy Mazzocco Moves Forward Towards a Fantastic Future

Tammy Mazzocco is a very successful real estate agent in Central Ohio where she works four counties Licking, Franklin, Delaware, and Fairfield. She started her real estate career by working as a secretary for a commercial real estate firm, She went from that to being a manager for a condominium company for seven years.

It was during the condo years that her boss convinced her in 1995 to get her real estate license so that she could assist him with some of his projects involving real estate deals. After more jobs here and there in supportive roles, Tammy decided that the income potential of the real estate business was something worth pursuing. She went into the business as a real estate salesperson in 1999.

Things weren’t easy in the early years, and one stumbling block for Tammy was the fact that she was shy, and found it difficult to speak to people. That may seem strange for a person who is supposed to be fluent in the language of sales, but it was true. So she decided that she would always initiate the conversation because then the person would have to respond and they would have a conversation. It worked.

Tammy received advice willingly from others including co-workers and managers and gradually gleaned the required knowledge to make a go of things. The real estate part was not an issue with her, but the equation of people did not always work. That was when she decided to always focus on the needs of the clients, and set her concerns aside. She learned that everyone is only concerned with themselves. By taking that into consideration, Tammy was able to begin closing more and more sales, reports Trulia, and she has always stuck to that formula.

Tammy knows that the key to success in real estate is always to be showing houses and she spends most of her time setting appointments to do just that or being in the process of showing houses.

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