Kim Dao Visits With Bambigirl

Kim Dao met with Bambigirl, who she originally befriended in 2015 during beauty week. Bambigirl, visiting Japan, checked into the hotel while Kim Dao sat in the lobby playing her Pokemon game on her cell phone. Kim Dao’s friend Toph joined them for lunch. Kim Dao ate some breaded chicken strips, some Miso soup, a side of rice, and cabbage. Bambigirl had some okra cake, breaded chicken slices, and cabbage. After lunch, Kim Dao and her friend took the train to Roppongi, Japan.Learn more :


Kim Dao and Bambigirl did some filming in a YouTube space. According to Kim Dao, it was disastrous. She did not realize that her camera was set at a very high setting and only recorded five minutes of footage. Bambigirl didn’t do very well in her filming and planned to redo the filming at home. Kim Dao planned refilm some of her bits at home, also. Kim Dao and her friend went shopping at Shibuya. Kim Dao mentioned that she needed more charmanders, dinosaur-like Pokemons, for her Pokemon game; she already had 85 charmanders and 60 charmanders candies.Learn more :


Bambigirl wasn’t able to have dinner with Kim Dao because she had a ticket to attend a baseball game. The shopping spree was cancelled, and Kim Dao went sightseeing with Toph. Toph and Kim Dao stopped off at a McDonalds for dinner where she got Chicken McNugget, an egg burger, and a soft drink. At the end of the day, Toph and Kim Dao went their separate ways home.Learn more :


Adam Goldenberg the Golden Boy of Business

When it comes to the highly competitive fashion industry, Mr. Adam Goldenberg would not ordinarily be the first name one would conjure up. However, Mr. Goldenberg’s remarkable career started at the very young age of just 15, when he founded his first major company called Gamers Alliance. This company was an advertising network of gaming sites for young enthusiasts. Three years later after having joined Intermix Media (parent company to MySpace and Alena), Adam sold Gamers Alliance to them in 1999, at the age of just 18. Mr. Goldenberg made a gamble of quitting High School and moving across the country to join Intermix and becoming Vice President of Strategic Planning. The gamble paid off because, by age 20, Mr. Goldenberg got promoted to Chief Operating Officer at Intermix, becoming the youngest COO of a publicly traded company.

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While working at Intermix, Mr. Goldenberg had the opportunity of befriending Mr. Don Ressler, who was an entrepreneur and brand building specialist. Mr. Ressler owned his own company, which he sold to Intermix in 2001. Don’s company had managed to generate over $1 billion dollars in sales and raised $100 million dollars in capital for various Internet Companies on Hence Mr. Goldenberg and Mr. Ressler would quickly become friends just at the time that Intermix got acquired by News Corporation in 2005. In 2006, Adam and Don decided to create an e-commerce brand called Intelligent Beauty.

After Adam and Don had established several prominent brands as health and beauty market leaders, the two began conceiving a new kind of personalized shopping experience in women’s fashion. Their idea was to merge social interaction with leading-edge fashion designs at reasonable prices! They endeavored to make their user experience fun, engaging and highly social in nature. Hence, the two gentlemen set about a major expansion process of Intelligent Beauty, to create a personalization platform consisting of styling consultants, and designers delivering outstanding and affordable products. The result of that vision was the formation of JustFab; an online business using technology to predict inventory demands and includes VIP memberships for super savings.

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The Money Market Fund And Bruce Bent II

Money market funds provide individuals with a new way to manage thier cash. Instead of investing in bonds, or certificates of deposit, an individual or business can chose to keep their money in a money market fund. The funds are highly liquid; there are no fees or penalties for removing money from a money market fund. In this way, they can be an excellent alternative to a traditional bank account for storing and saving your cash. Money market funds invest your money in a low-list, often low-yield situation. Money markets were first founded in 1971.

Bent II is an expert financial investor who knows a great deal about money market funds. Bruce R. Bent II grew up in New York. After college, he went to work and began to soak in information about finances, stocks, investments, and economic trends. He has helped many business with qualifed plans and innovative solutions to financial issues.

Today, there are different money market funds to choose from, and each has its own unique pros and cons.

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Hussein Sajwani Stands Tall among Dubai’s Real Estate Leaders

Dubai resident Hussein Sajwani stands out in a desert kingdom where the sons of nomads compete to build the world’s tallest buildings.

The 60-year-old Sajwani has all the credos of a Dubai real estate mogul. Like the city of Dubai, he started from nothing and became a billionaire; he built a luxury brand catering to the rich and famous and is the founder and Chairman of global property development company DAMAC Properties.

But what makes Sajwani unique among global tycoons is his decision in 2005 to partner with Donald Trump. As luck, or better yet, strategy would have it, Trump became the leader of the free world.

“We stay out of politics,” Sajwani said in Forbes while Trump was running for the presidency. Sajwani said he partnered with the Trump organization because they know how to manage golf courses.

The partnership gave birth to the AKOYA golf course, centered in the 964-acre gated complex surrounded by mansions, villas and a retail center. The Trump organization runs the operations of the golf course in this development set in the growing suburbs of Dubai.

DAMAC Properties is opening a new 18-hole, par 72, 7,400 yard championship golf couse designed by golfing superstar Tiger Woods. The AKOYA Oxygen project is a 55-miillion square foot master development and will be the second golf course managed by Trump International Golf Club Dubai.

Damac Properties was founded in 2002 and has become a clear leader in the luxury real estate development industry. Under the leadership of Hussein Sajwani, the company has expanded into North Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

Sajwani has a simple a belief system which has guided him and his enterprises to success. “Nothing should stop us from achieving what we want to achieve.” he says. “‘Losing’ today could pave the way for ‘winning’ tomorrow.”

Eduardo Siirotsky Melzer and His Innovations Shapes the Brazilian Media Industry

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer also known as Duda Melzer is a principal figure in Brazil as the Chairman and President of Groupo RBS, a leading media firm in the country which is founded by the Duda’s grandfather, Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho. Duda has led the company’s transition into the internet age and played a vital role in increasing its presence and services. As the President of the firm, he helped Groupo RBS in a major restructure to make it more focused and operational.

In an article on Dino, Duda is also the founder and Chairman of an investment firm named e.Bricks, which focuses on digital industry. It has operations both in Brazil and North America. Duda is extensively investing in various startup businesses which are focusing on their services in healthcare, education, SMEs, and financial services. Duda completed his graduation from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul in Business Administration. Later, he did his MBA from the Harvard University. Duda started his career with the consultancy firm Booz Allen & Hamilton. He also worked as a Senior Analyst at Delphi Corporation and selected as the CEO of Box Top Media, a media firm based in New York.

Duda joined Groupo RBS as the Director General with responsibilities of National Market in 2004. He held various responsibilities at the firm and became the Chief Executive Officer of Groupo RBS in 2012. His contributions to the media industry in Brazil have helped him to become the winner of Entrepreneur of the Year Award – 2015 by Ernst & Young in the family business category.

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Brian Bonar History And Accomplishments

Brian Bonar is a Scottish financial expert who has enjoyed a 30-year career in the financial industry. During his illustrious career, he has held many high positions with several institutions. He is currently serving as the CEO and Chairman of Trucept Inc., formerly known as Star-Tek Solutions. Brian has been with Trucept since 2010.

Mr. Bonar has also served in different capacities with many other companies, including the Rastek Corporation, The Solvis Group, Allegiant Professional Business Services, and the Greenland Corp to mention only a few.

He has been with Dalrada Financial Group since 1995, and after holding several positions, he was named CEO in 1998 and Chairman of the Board in 1999. In 2010 Brian Bonar was named Executive of the Year in Finance by Cambridge Who’s Who. Recipients of this award, selected for their academic accomplishments, proven leadership skills, and professional accomplishments.

Brian is highly educated; he holds several degrees including a doctorate. He earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde, a Masters in mechanical engineering from Stafford University and earned his doctorate at Staffordshire University. He has proven to be an outstanding leader among his peers, and his business achievements speak for themselves.

When Brian Bonar decided to go into the restaurant business, he bought an establishment in Escondido California called Tango. He immediately changed the name to Bellamy’s and started his search for a staff that would project his ideas.

Brian Bonar didn’t have to look far, another well-known restaurant in the area, one of his favorites, El Bizcocho was making significant changes and mistakenly decided to let some key staff go. He was able to hire key people such as Trevor Da Costa as his front of the house man and cook Mike Reidy for an executive chef. Brian realized to reach his goal of operating a four-star restaurant they would need a marquee chef. He was able to get a Master Chef of France named Patrick Ponsaty and expectations for the new bistro were high.

A recent critic admitted he was a little skeptical about the appearance of the new restaurant; he had expected more of a change in decor. All that changed when the food began to arrive.

He raved about everything he sampled from the corn soup to the saffron panna cotta dessert. He states the staff is top-notch, saying Bellamy’s is serving some of the best food in San Diego and declared the restaurant to be a winner.

Richard Smith’s Impressive Profile

Richard Smith is the chairman and the chief executive officer of the Securus Technology Company where he has worked since 2008. The company has its headquarters in Carrollton, TX. The company deals with technological solutions in civil and criminal justice system. Mr. Smith has acquired diverse experience in previous positions especially telecom field. Consequently, he has been able to provide experienced leadership as the CEO in the telecom industry.

Previously, Mr. Smith was the president of Eschelon Telecom Inc. from 2000 to 2003. He then held the chief executive position in the same company for a period that lasted up to August 2007. He served as the chief operating manager and as the financial officer at Eschelon Telecom Inc. too. Richard served as the vice president of the financial division at Frontier Corporation. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

He served in various positions in the same organization for instance, as the director of the business development and as the CEO. His company deals with products and services that enhance law enforcement. Besides, its technological solutions are used in the United States correction facilities. For instance, the company introduced a system in the correction facility that can regulate contraband mobile phones.

Furthermore, he obtained his associate degree in electrical engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. He graduated with a bachelor degree from the State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo and master’s degree in mathematics from SUNY, Brockport in addition to master’s in business administration from Rochester University. Thus, he is an intellectual and experienced person who has demonstrated strong leadership capability.

According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies Inc., is an investment organization that helps public service agencies in matters of safety and prevention of crime. Besides, the company’s primary objective is to reduce social problems. Thus, the company provides products and services that enhance the safety of the American society including inmates and their relatives.

Consequently, the company has received numerous appreciation letters and emails for the best service to the public. The company’s main achievement is making incarceration safer and better. Thus, criminals have fewer opportunities to commit terrifying crimes in society. Additionally, the company aims at enhancing social responsibility and ensures that every individual or organizations are accountable for their actions.

In summary, Richard Smith is one of the experienced leaders who have contributed immensely to the civil and criminal technology. His service as the CEO of the Securus depicts his commitment to ensuring adherence to law and order and harmony in society. The Company pursues criminal activities within the prison to make sure that their customers are satisfied. The CEO has managed to rise above the business challenges to steer the Company to greater success. Mr. Smith ensures that the Company remains focused on its objective of protecting society. Read more on

Insurance Giant Sued by Former Owners of NBA Team

The previous owners of a professional basketball franchise have taken legal action against an insurance company with regard to a settlement of claims made by the team’s former general manager. Filed last September, the lawsuit centers around Danny Ferry, who once headed the front office of the Atlanta Hawks.

Filed in Georgia, the litigation is directed against the New Hampshire-based AIG company and involves “breach of contract” and “bad faith” issues. The amount of the claim remains confidential, with AIG having yet to acknowledge that a claim was even made. The lawsuit was initiated by Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment (AHBE), which had owned the team until 2015.

AHBE was supposedly insured by AIG for losses related to such issues as wrongful termination. Ferry and the Hawks ended their relationship in an agreement reached in 2015, reports However, AIG reportedly refused to cover the losses related to the dispute between Ferry and AHBE. The current owners of the team had no comment on the lawsuit.

One of the owners of AHBE during the Ferry’s tenure was businessman Bruce Levenson, who had announced his plans to end his partnership with the team in 2014. Levenson is known for helping to establish the United Communications Group, a media conglomerate, in 1977.

Born in the nation’s capital, Levenson would later receive his law degree from American University, also in Washington. His considerable philanthropic work has included service as president of the Washington chapter of the I Have a Dream Foundation. He and his wife Karen have three children.

Securus Technologies Showcases Glowing Customer Reviews

The advent of the internet brought with it many new trends and changes to life and the way we go about our daily lives. Beyond the obvious ways like connecting people across time zones and national borders or bringing rise to the funny cat video, the internet brought with it a new change in the way we look to each other for confirmation of a product. Be being able to leave comments and opinions about services on the internet for all to see we have entered a new era of the informed consumer.


Securus Technologies Publishes What Its Clients Are Saying


As common as is it to leave comments about products and services, it is a little unusual to see companies publish those comments, though Securus Technologies is not your usual company. Securus Technologies is a telecom company that has focused its efforts on providing prison facilities with the tools they need to allow inmates to communicate to loved ones on the outside while still maintaining a safe and crime free environment. This is no easy tasks as inmates have notoriously used communication methods to continue perpetrating crimes on the outside. Though this is not the case with the communication solutions provided by Securus Technologies. In fact, the communication solutions provided by the company have gone on to aid prison officials in preventing crimes from occurring within prison walls.


The proof of that lies within the comments clients are making about Securus Technologies. Clients have taken to regularly writing letters of appreciation and leaving glowing comments on the company’s website singing the praises of how Securus has helped them prevent all types of crime.


If you are interested in learning more about the many ways Securus helps prevent crimes within the prison system, please visit



U.S. Money reserve offers virtual consultations, education on new website

U.S. Money Reserve launched its state-of-the-art website,, in late February. The re-designed site now offers coin collectors and precious metals investors the ability to shop for gold and silver bars and bullion with live, competitive pricing.

According to PR Newswire, U.S. Money Reserve, one the largest private distributors of U.S. government gold, platinum, and silver legal tenders, integrated numerous applications into its website to engage customers, provide detailed levels of product information, and enable live e-commerce. Founded in 2001, the Austin, Texas firm offers precious metals items including bullion and bars, but specializes in gold and silver coins.

Consumer Education

Some of the new site applications focus on consumer education in precious metals and coin collecting. The firm aims to better educate the public to encourage and assist new investors in the area. This includes a glossary of terms. For those who prefer offline learning, U.S. Money Reserve offers a complimentary gold information kit. The site’s blog, the Full Headline Gold News Room, offers constant, streaming updates on the precious metals market.

Enhanced e-Commerce

With the addition of the Client-Connect Advantage application, the firm offers one-on-one, live, online client consultations. Consumers can meet with a coin expert in a virtual environment for investment advice and valuation.

This purchase assistance also extends to offline product releases and enables secure offline transactions. The firm’s BuyBack Guarantee applies to all purchases. It offers a 30 day full refund guarantee on certified coin orders at current market value.

Strong Leadership

The enhanced online presence stems from the firm’s relatively new leadership. In 2014, Philip Diehl joined the company as president. Diehl previously served as the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint (1994–2000) and former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Treasury Department under President Bill Clinton.

During his government service, Diehl is best known for his creation of the 50 states quarter series. At U.S. Money Reserve, he focuses on consumer education to help the public understand the importance of precious metals investment for weath protection.

“Precious metals have been a store of wealth worth for centuries and have consistently been a safe haven in the face of economic instability,” Diehl said in a statement on the website. “That is why owning physical gold, silver and platinum remains a recommended method for protecting one’s personal wealth.”